Dog Excursions

Excursions are so much more than a leash walk! If your dog is full of energy, tends to prefer the company of other canines and loves being outside running off-leash, this is the prefect choice for your dog! You are able to choose any two days a week or more on-going and also have a choice between morning, afternoon or an all day excursion.

No need for dog parents to be home. Ruffin’ Wranglers takes care of the pick-up, drop-off and the blast they have at the ranch! The SNIFF Mobiles are outfitted as dog taxis with gym flooring in the back and a transparent divider that keeps the dogs from coming forward, but also allows us visibility to keep a close eye on everyone!

The RW Ranch located in Rehoboth is a beautiful 7-acre dog ranch that is completely fenced in and double gated for the safety of our dogs!

Why walk when you can run? Dog walking is one thing, excursion are so much more! We provide pet sitting services all around the Rhode Island area!

½ Day Excursion: Morning or Afternoon

Your dog will be gone from home for about 2-2.5 hours with over an hour of off-leash running, playing, splashing, wrestling time at the ranch.

All Day Excursion

Your dog will be gone from home for about 5-5.5 hours with over 2 hours of off-leash running, playing, splashing, wrestling time at the ranch.


Are you in need of dog boarding? RW provides overnight care only for our weekly excursion clients. In order to provide the perfect home environment for your dog, we need to be comfortable with one another.

We provide in-home overnight care or your dog can stay with one of the Wranglers. The dogs become part of our family and we strive to replicate your dog’s routine in order to make them feel right at home.

Dogs that are overnight with RW go on all day excursions during the stay! Being with RW overnight is like going to doggie camp! They may ask for you to go on vacation more often!

Health & Safety


We are often asked, “Do the dogs get along?” “Are there ever any fights?”

We have been in business for a decade and yes, for the most part the dogs do get along, but even the best of friends can get on one another’s nerves. If any company that handles dogs tells you there are never any fights, they are not being truthful. That being said, we do not allow any dogs with aggressive tendencies. The dogs have to be able to travel together in the SNIFF Mobile and enjoy each other’s company. If we do experience aggressive behavior with a particular dog, they will not be able to continue with RW.

Our Wranglers are trained to notice any turn in play that could result in aggression. The Wranglers are very involved and connected with the dogs at the ranch to further ensure their safety.


We require all dogs in the Ruffin’ Wranglers’ Pack to be vaccinated for Bordatella (Kennel Cough), Leptospirosis and CIV (Flu) in addition to the required vaccinations. We want to keep all the dogs running full steam ahead! By requiring these additional vaccinations we reduce the chance of spreading viruses among our pack.


We want your dogs to get as much exercise as their little hearts can stand and stay safe while they run their tails off. We treat the ranch with CedarCide and place Damminix Tick Tubes around the perimeter of the property. These are natural treatments that are safe for the dogs and significantly reduce the tick population on our Ranch. We also keep the grass cut short all season to reduce tick habitats. Ticks thrive in the woods, brush and shade. As always, please treat your dogs with a tick and flea treatment all months of the year, not just the warmer ones.

SNIFF Mobiles

The SNIFF Mobiles are outfitted as dog taxis with gym flooring in the back and a transparent divider that keeps the dogs from coming forward…but also allows us visibility to keep a close eye on everyone! Every afternoon we detail the SNIFF Mobiles to keep your dogs healthy. We scrub every inch with Kennel Sol in addition to pressure washing the inside. It is imperative for Ruffin’ Wranglers to provide a clean and sanitary environment for the transport of your dogs. Riding to and from the RW Ranch is ½ the fun!


What do we “doo” with all the poo? We pick it up in biodegradable poop bags and dispose of it in receptacles. The national waste management company, Doody Calls, removes the poop from the property weekly and replaces our poop bags. There is a business for everything!

Water & Pools

We have fresh, cold water on tap for our dogs at the Ranch! The dogs love to play in the splash pools located under the shelters, providing additional shade during the summer! They can take a cold plunge and keep cool through the hot summer months!


We go in ALL types of weather…we would only cancel excursions if the safety of the dogs and the Wranglers were in question. We have only cancelled during snowstorms and those cancellations were in compliance with State mandated driving restrictions. We would always give ample notice.



Our pick-up zones are based on proximity and we schedule the dogs for their excursions based upon the parent’s preference of morning, afternoon or all day adventures. We provide two morning and two afternoon sessions.

SNIFF Mobiles

We go to great lengths to make sure we have the perfect number of dogs per SNIFF Mobile, so the dogs are very comfortable and have plenty of room.

Wranglers at the Ranch

We also make certain we have the correct balance of Wrangler-to-dog ratio so that everyone receives individualized attention. There are at least three Wranglers at the RW Ranch and no more than 25 dogs per excursion.

Love all Sizes

Little and big dogs love each other’s company and our large ranch allows them to play, walk or run at their own pace while staying safe.


  • Pet Sitters Insurance through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC
  • Ruffin’ Wranglers is bonded and insured
  • General Commercial Liability Policy for the Ranch
  • Commercial Automobile Policy
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Getting Started

Service Areas

RW covers a fairly small area around Rhode Island because we never want for the dogs to be in the SNIFF Mobiles longer than necessary. They are ready to wrangle! Our ranch is located in Rehoboth, MA.

EastSide of Providence, Sections of Pawtucket, Downtown Providence, Westside of Providence, Rumford, East Providence & sections of Riverside, Southern Seekonk, Barrington, sections of Rehoboth & now Edgewood!

Meet & Greet

Call or text Blythe Penna “Aunt B”, owner of Ruffin’ Wranglers, or Contact Us to set up a meet & greet. Aunt B will send the RW paperwork that needs to be completed and will confirm that your dog is properly vaccinated in order to start wrangling!

RW will come to your home to meet everyone, most importantly, the dog! We will evaluate your dog on social skills, responsiveness & temperament. We also need to understand the “house rules” for a seamless pick-up and drop-off and answer any further questions you may have.

Blythe Penna, Owner