About Ruffin’ Wranglers®

Ruffin’ Wranglers® is a dog excursion company based in Providence, RI.

RW started in October 2007 and has done over 350,000 dog excursions since! We provide an exclusive experience for your dog!

Ruffin’ Wranglers has a private ranch, solely for our RW Dogs, located in Rehoboth, MA about 20 minutes from most of our client’s homes. Our professional “wranglers” take care of pick-up, drop-off and the blast your dog has at the RW Ranch! Our ranch is about 7 acres of fenced, beautiful land. We go in all types of weather. Come rain, shine, sleet or snow…the Wranglers will be there for your dogs. Our adventures provide your dog the space they need to safely run free, play and socialize with their best pals!

An excursion is so much more than a leash walk and the best way to ensure your dog is fit, happy and tuckered out! If you are not careful, your dog will have a better social life than you do!

We’re the best Wranglers on this side of the Mississippi!

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Of course, we would be nothing without our incredible human and canine clients! Thank you for your loyalty throughout the years and for always spreading the word about Ruffin’ Wranglers®!

About 90% of new clients come from word of mouth…that is the best compliment we can receive!

Aunt B & The Wranglers