Ruffin’ Wranglers has the best Wranglers this side of the Mississippi!

Our Wranglers go through months of training before they are on their own. As you can imagine, navigating the logistics of the neighborhoods, houses and doggie details takes some time to learn. The Wranglers function as a well trained team and we feel it a privilege to be able to share our days with the Ruffin’ Wrangler Dogs!

Blythe Penna, Owner

My name is Blythe Penna and I am very proud to say that I am the owner of Ruffin’ Wranglers Dog Excursions. I grew up in South Carolina, graduated from Clemson University with a B.A. in Psychology in 1991 & went in to Medical Device Sales in 1992. I spent 14 incredible years in Medical Devices. I was fortunate to build a very successful career with Horizon Medical Products, good ol’ HMP, in vascular access devices. I then went on to work for RITA, a Radiofrequency Ablation Company and finally Haemonetics. I was in sales, sales management, marketing, product design & development, product launching & sales training. I did it all and moved 7 times for those companies. Then there was “The Roma”! This story all began when Roma, my Vizsla, came into my life in 2006. Simple. I fell in love. I decided in those first months that I could not get on a plane and leave her on a weekly basis. Roma also required a ton of exercise; so starting my own excursion company with her friends built in was a perfect solution! I decided that I would be able to deliver a dog excursion experience that would allow dogs to run free and get the exercise and socialization they craved. I knew I would do everything within my power to have a service that surpassed the parent’s expectations. Roma passed in February of 2018. It was the most difficult loss I have ever gone through. I miss her every day, but the gifts she gave me are still around me daily. She was by my side as I built Ruffin’ Wranglers and I know we will continue to bring so much joy to dogs for years to come. Her legacy lives on. I could not live without the love of a dog, so I have brought another Vizsla into my life. Her name is “Clara I Do Declare” & she is the most brilliant, sweetest baby you have ever seen! She fills my heart daily. I love the potential in all things…animals, humans & business. I am passionate about working hard, building teams & creating something that makes a difference in dog’s & their human’s lives. I know that most dog people can understand the sheer joy we get when a dog comes undone as Ruffin’ Wranglers pulls up in the SNIFF Mobile! It is the best! We love bringing joy to our dogs and of course feeling that same heartfelt joy is a pretty nice reward. Ruffin’ Wranglers has been in business since October of 2007 & we plan to keep running hard! We love what we do and it shows! We look forward to decades of wrangling! Love- Aunt B

Austin Wright, Operations Manager

Austin is the Operations Manager for Ruffin’ Wranglers. This company runs smoothly on a daily basis due to Austin’s amazing ability to keep it all organized. Austin has been with Ruffin’ Wranglers since August of 2012. He loves seeing the excitement on the dog’s faces and making a difference in their lives! Austin has an Italian Greyhound named Noodle. Before RW, Austin owned a video game store and was a security supervisor at night. He also briefly worked as an accuracy control manager for the UK Census.

Liz Thibault, Social media specialist

Liz has always had a love for all animals, especially dogs. She has years of dog-sitting/walking experience & playing with dogs is her dream job, so becoming a wrangler was the perfect fit! She is in love with her 2 rescues: a paperanian puppy named Milo & a tiny kitty named.. Kitty! Liz has her degree in Fine Arts, specializing in stencil-work & painting. She is a children’s book author & has a web comic. Liz is also a licensed cosmetologist & makeup artist. Before RW, Liz taught Product Knowledge at Paul Mitchell the School & was the receptionist at TattooMedics. Liz is also a part of our Meet and Greet team. 

Krystal Durning, Supervisor

Krystal has been with Ruffin’ Wranglers since November of 2017. She grew up loving animals and is thrilled to be able to spend her work day with the pups! Krystal has a four-year-old cattle dog/border collie mix, Toby, rescued from Louisiana. She graduated from Rhode Island College with a BA in Communications in 2014. Before becoming a Wrangler, Krystal worked within the non-profit and health care industries. She enjoys reading, yoga, plant-based cooking, singing… and spending time with Toby, of course! Krystal is also a part of our meet and greet team.

Michelle Yates, Wrangler

After growing up in Carver Massachusetts Michelle moved to Providence to attend Johnson & Wales University. She graduated in 2008 with a degree in Marketing and Entertainment Management. If she’s not wrangling you can find her taking in a show at Dusk or out walking her Chihuahua, Fiona Applehead, on the West Side. Michelle is also part of our truck cleanliness and garage team!

Matt Carlson, Wrangler

Matt joined the team in December of 2018. He has owned and cared for all species of animals …from reptiles to dogs and a few things in-between! Matt was an automotive technician for over 10 years & works weekends as an account auditor for the Castle Hill Inn. Matt also grooms horses in the spring & summer for the main riding seasons. He was thrilled to discover an opening at Ruffin’ Wranglers where he can work in a field he loves…literally, in a field with dogs!

Renee Langevin, Wrangler

Joining Ruffin’ Wranglers in November of 2019, Renee is from Attleboro, MA. where she lives with her two “chickens” which are actually her two Coton De Tulears. She has had experience with a variety of animals and volunteering every week at a local animal shelter.

Courtney Coughlin, wrangler

Courtney comes to us from the hospitality industry. A longtime and passionate bartender with hopes of one day working with animals. Ruffin Wranglers turned that hope into a reality. Although she loves all animals, dogs are closest to her heart as she has a furbaby of her own, Kobi. When she’s not Wrangling, you can find her practicing yoga or somewhere outside, hiking and running with her pup or on a river in her kayak. She’s passionate about cooking and traveling as well. Originally from Brockton, MA she has lived in various states along the way but has called Rhode Island her home for close to 7 years.

Crystal Davison, wrangler

Crystal comes to us most recently from working with casinos and now works at Ruffin’ part-time and as a groomer on the weekends. Crystal grew up near Cape Cod and moved to RI in 2012 when her son was born.
She loves animals so much that she went vegetarian at 10 years old and never looked back. Her hobbies include tending to over 100 house plants, playing Minecraft with her son, piano, hiking, spending time with her two dogs and two cats, and camping.

Angela Mills, wrangler

Angela started with Ruffin’ Wranglers in 2021. She comes to us with a great deal of dog care experience. Previously Angela worked training and evaluating dogs and their behavior while monitoring them. When she’s not wrangling you can find Angela with her family enjoy the sunshine!