Laura Bartsch “Callie B”

Since 2011, Callie has been bounding to the door as soon as she hears the Sniff mobile arrive. She adores the Wranglers, who treat her like one of their own. She also does the occasional overnight or weekend visit when we are away and she gets such great care, I don’t think she misses us at all! Too much fun with her buddies!

Kristen O’Grady “Sandy”

We started with Ruffin’ Wranglers in 2007 with our beloved 12-year-old English Lab “Cash”, and have been so happy with their service! We now have a very active 2-year-old Portuguese Waterdog who needs lots of exercise and social interaction. We schedule a daily, 2-hour excursion (Monday-Friday) and it’s become the best part of the day for Sandy (while he waits for us to come home from school and work)! Sandy loves being part of his “pack” and we feel very confident that he is safe and well cared for while on excursions. The “Wranglers” could not be any nicer, and are very respectful of our home by making sure Sandy’s paws are clean when he comes back after his runs. They have even cleaned up accidents that weren’t on their watch! Blythe and Austin are very easy to connect and communicate with and have accommodated us with last-minute schedule changes and even holiday excursion requests. We’re so happy that RW is part of our family routine and recommend them as often as we can!

Stefanie Ricci “Ruby Ricci”

Ruffin’ Wranglers may be the BEST thing that has ever happened to the dog world!! We adore our Ruby and love the fact that there is an awesome company that will take care of her as if she were part of their family.

Ruby boards when we are away and she wrangles 3 days a week for major fun and socialization with lots of furry friends of all shapes, sizes and ages! Ruffin’ is a must in a dog owner’s life!! All Wranglers are pleasant, patient, loving and very energetic with the pups!!

Amanda Walker “Moses”

Amazing group. I am one of those over protective pet owners. These folks are amazing. I have to mention that it wasn’t too long ago that my pup was sick and couldn’t go out on excursions with Ruffin’ Wranglers. That didn’t matter. The Wranglers came to our home, played with my pup, and kept his spirits high. These are dedicated folks and I am so grateful to love them, but they love my pup even more. Thanks you guys!

Rob Baginski “Puck”

My dog has gone on excursions with Ruffin’ Wranglers since 2013. He loves the Wranglers and is always excited to see them. They always pick him up on time and take good care of him while he is out. He gets great exercise with other dogs instead of staying home alone. I cannot say enough about this service and trust them implicitly with the most important thing I have… my dog.

Laurie Tickle “Bernard”

We have been a part of the Ruffin’ Wrangler family since 2007 and love them!  Blythe and her staff provide unparalleled customer service and make every effort to meet the needs of our dog and family. The professionalism and care they exhibit for both the daily excursions and boarding services gives us complete piece of mind that our dog is always well cared for.  Truly cannot say enough good things.

Kim Weiss “Penny & The Fonz”

Ruffin’ Wranglers is the best! My dogs have been going for years.  As soon as they hear the truck pull in the driveway they go crazy, barking, jumping and scratching at the door. They can’t get in the truck quickly enough!  It’s the highlight of their days! Our family could not do all that we do without RW there to take care of them, making sure they are safe and happy each and every second they are with them.  Blythe and all the Wranglers are top notch! I would not trust anyone else to watch our dogs.

Lisa Di Carlo “Ruby Gumbo”

Ruffin’ Wranglers is better to my dogs than daycare is to my human children. The people who work here really understand and love animals. They have meticulous standards about animal health, they are astute observers of group play dynamics, and the report cards they leave at the end of the day answer all of my questions. We recently had to travel outside the country for five or six weeks. I could have probably left my girl (dog) with friends, but I know how much she loves the play dates and the frolicking. I let RW take care of her. I got pictures of her playing, sleeping, and whenever I checked-in, they were so quick to respond. Ruby comes home tired and happy every single time. You know your dog is having a blast when pick-up time gets close and she won’t stop looking out the window!

Johanna Taylor “Zoey T”

When I brought my new puppy home, I remembered hearing of this awesome pet service.  I checked it out and couldn’t wait for her to be old enough to join.  I was not disappointed. I find the Wrangler team wonderful, and they help me keep a young lab well exercised.  They genuinely care about their clients, and even have an annual appreciation dinner. Blythe and her staff are extremely flexible, reasonable and responsible.  If you’re looking for a grand adventure for your pup a few days a week, this is for you!

Sandra Musial “Willow”

My pup Willow has enjoyed Ruffin’ Wranglers since May of 2015 and she LOVES it!!  It is so comforting to know that while I am at work, Willow is romping around with her friends in the country. In addition, it’s great for her to get exercise and socialize with a variety of dogs and Wranglers. Sometimes Blythe texts me pictures and videos of Willow playing and riding in her SNIFF Mobile. It’s truly a business based on a love for dogs!

Kerri Duffell ‘Fenway D”

My dog, Fenway, and I love Ruffin’ Wranglers! All of the Wranglers are great, professional and very reliable! Ruffin’ Wranglers is also very accommodating. They often help with last minute dog excursions when my work schedule changes. Fenway is truly a happier dog thanks to Ruffin’ Wranglers! A tired dog is a good dog! I recommend them highly!

Lisa Davis “Daisy Davis”

RW is the best. The handlers are lovely, respectful, and awesome with all the dogs. My Daisy LOVES her excursions with the RW crew. You couldn’t ask for a better doggy day-care service.

Molly Heller “Chloe”

Love !!! RUFFIN’ WRANGLERS!!! We cannot say enough about the owner (and Wrangler), Blythe, as well as all the amazing Wranglers. Our furry child, Chloe, comes home happy, exercised and is well socialized thanks to her human and canine friends she plays hard with each week. We are very protective parents and trust the love and care that our baby gets from each Wrangler and always know she is in the most loving hands. RW’s feels like our extended family. Thanks so much for taking care of Chloe!

Wileen Snow “Ceilidh”

We have been using Ruffin’ Wranglers since August of 2011.  This is beyond a first class operation!  It is fantastic! The pups are picked up in the Sniff-mobiles, driven to the RW Ranch in MA where they frolic and play together, go on guided walks, and have fun playing frisbee.  Once they return home, owners get a detailed report of the day’s events. 

The staff is incredibly well trained and all genuinely care for the pups.  Blythe, the owner, knows her business backwards and forwards.  I know that my pup is in good hands each and every time she goes to Ruffin’ Wranglers.  I cannot imagine a better way for my dog to get great exercise and socialize with other dogs.  We are so lucky to have Ruffin’ Wranglers!

Karen Williams “Gracie”

Gracie has been wrangling with the Wranglers since 2011. She knows and loves all the Wranglers, without exception. Gracie can be flirtatious and needy, but the male Wranglers seem to understand and give her the attention she insists upon. I have to praise Aunt B and Austin for their flexibility and eagerness to be helpful. They treat you like family. Our pack loves to hear the key in the lock twice a week.

Christie Robb “Zuzu & Watson”

I have been a client of Ruffin’ Wranglers since February of 2014. I work from home so you would think I would have time to take my dogs for walks.  I do not have the time or the energy to take them on the kind of walks they need.  Every day, my dogs, especially my male, wait by the window watching for the “Wrangler Truck”.  The barking is insane when the orange or green truck pulls up in front of our house.  I cannot imagine my life or my dog’s lives without the amazing Wranglers who come daily and the adventures that my dogs go on.  They leave with their tales wagging and their voices howling with excitement and return exhausted and happy.  Whenever I travel I never worry about my dogs – I think they must feel like they are on vacation because they are with their beloved Wrangler, Austin, and they are at “the ranch” all day.  I know they are loved and I do not worry about them in the slightest.  Truly, this is the best service in Providence!  I would be lost without them.  They bring joy and happiness to my animals and thus to me!

Ian Barnacle “Finny”

I have been a RW client since 2009. Being single with a heavy workload, I don’t have many hands on deck to help care for a dog, but like anyone I derive great joy from my canine companion. Ruffin’ Wranglers has helped to make dog ownership possible for me, and for that I am sincerely grateful. The convenience of pick-up and drop-off is great, and the professionalism and care that RW has shown over the years speaks volumes. I trust them implicitly and my pup can barely wait to go out with his friends every morning. I can’t say enough about my experience with Ruffin’ Wranglers.

Stacey Benseler “Hudson & Harper”

Ruffin’ Wranglers is simply the best.  I have been a client since we first moved to Providence in 2011.  My dogs LOVE their Wranglers and the time out on the RW Ranch.  The Wranglers love my dogs as if they are their own and are always available to help me out if I am unable to get home in time to put my puppies out or have last minute travel for work.  RW is truly a first class operation. I wouldn’t trust just anyone with my pups, but I trust them implicitly.

Julie Wilson “Maxie”

Max has been going to Ruffin’ Wranglers since January 2009. He can spot the Elements used for transport on the street and always gets excited thinking it’s his turn! He sits by the window waiting and always sleeps well on the nights he goes. I love getting little notes about the dogs he played with and how his day was. Blythe and Austin and the whole team are wonderful with him and truly understand animals and their needs. I am lucky to have them pick him up given my work schedule.

Judith McDonnell “Stanley”

I just finished reading the profile in East Side Monthly on Ruffin’ Wranglers. Although it was so great to see RW get some of the praise it deserves, the article did not, nor could it, capture the essence of Ruffin’ Wranglers. Think about this…those days when you have to leave the house and leave your dog alone for a bit and your heart breaks?  You know those days. For us, and Stanley, our dog, Ruffin’ Wranglers means no more heartbreak. The SNIFF truck rolls in and they whisk Stanley away for a wonderful run, with a great pack of dogs, in a beautiful setting, with highly skilled “Wranglers” taking care of him. Let’s talk about trust. We trust RW with our dog for hours every week. That is a lot of trust. On days that Stanley cannot make it, they understand and are accommodating. I know there is a lot of debate about whether dogs feel happiness, which is a human emotion, but we are convinced on the RW days that Stanley is a happier dog. So thank you so much Blythe and all the Wranglers, we could not be successful dog owners without you.

Anya Wallack “Youk & Roxy”

The RW team is so great.  The dogs love them, and come home good and worn out.  They take the dogs on short notice, clean them off when they get dirty, are totally reliable, professional and give me a little report card every day.  Love them!

Amanda Isenberg “Ziggy”

We LOVE Ruffin’ Wranglers!!!! Blythe and her team are amazing. Our dog, Ziggy, is so happy and tired when he gets home. Blythe and the team are very reliable, easy to work with, flexible and caring. We couldn’t be happier with them. Ruffin’ Wranglers is a life saver for any family that has a dog!

Cynthia Prete “Tally & Banks”

I left a review for this company in 2011 when my first dog started. I wanted to update my review since our second dog started. We added a rescue dog to our family last year and wanted him to be part of Ruffin’ Wranglers. He was not socialized with other dogs and had some issues at first. Blythe and her team went above and beyond to help him transition to proper dog play. Communication was great. They met with me to talk about ideas on how to help him and constantly updated me on how he was doing. Both my dogs love when a Wrangler walks through the door, they know it’s fun time!  This service is great for my dogs and my family. They are more than dog walkers, the Wranglers love and care about your dogs as if they were their own. I am still extremely happy with Ruffin’ Wranglers.

Heather Aliotta “Buddy”

Thank you Ruffin’ Wranglers for all you do! Blythe has put together a great team of Wranglers to take care of our dog, Buddy, since October of 2009 . He is an active Labradoodle who needs to get more exercise than I can give him on walks around our neighborhood, especially on those cold mornings! I love reading the reports of his frolicking with his doggie buddies. When we are away, they take care of him too. Keep up the great work!

Bonnie Jennis “Easton”

Ruffin’ Wranglers is amazing. They know my dog so well, which activities she prefers, who her buddies are, even which weather she prefers. They take my dog out for a great romp on a farm with her friends. She loves it! She gets socialization and exercise and I get a house that is not chewed up by a bored dog. It makes going to work and leaving her home worry free. I know the Wranglers will be here to get her soon.

Susanna & Curt Beckwith “Gertie”

Gertie has been with RW since 2007! My family trusts Ruffin’ Wranglers implicitly with our most important family member, our dog Gertie. Blythe has done an excellent job hiring fun, engaging, dog-loving Wranglers. You think you have a favorite…until the next one comes along!

Becky & Scott Abate “Finn”

We can’t say enough good things about what Ruffin’ Wranglers has done for our dog, Finn. Finn has been going to Wranglers since he was just about six months old, September of 2015. He is a better dog now for it – confident and well-adjusted. Not only does Ruffin’ Wranglers give him an outlet for his endless energy, but he gets tons of time socializing with other dogs. He comes home from every excursion wiped out, in a good way. A tired dog is a happy dog, and Ruffin’ Wranglers is to thank for that.

Seguin Spear “Trumble Rose”

Ruffin’ Wranglers is essential to the happiness of our energetic young Lab. Our girl adores the Wranglers and running with her friends at the ranch Rehoboth. Blythe and the Wranglers clearly love dogs and are always responsive to the needs of our pupper. Ruffin’ Wranglers are great communicators and one hundred percent reliable. Their service allows me to concentrate at work, free of worry that my dog is bored or lonely. Highly recommend Ruffin’ Wranglers!

Betty & Lew Dana “Norbert”

When Norbert comes home from his twice-weekly Ruffin’ Wrangler adventure he’s kind of at a loss for words (he is a dog, after all). Some times we’re out when he comes home, but that’s no problem. As he has told us more than once, he realizes what a convenience it is for us: a Wrangler lets him into the apartment, he takes a drink of water, then relaxes until we come home at which time he tells us about what kind of day he’s had. It sounds like fun! 

“See, we go to this big, wide, rolling field. First there’s some fake growling, sniffing butts and stuff and then we start running in circles, hiding behind bushes, wrestling, chasing balls or just galloping around imitating crazy people. If we feel like it, we just sit watching the commotion and comparing notes about our respective Owners.” (“Owners is a euphemism we let humans use, just to humor them,” he explains.)

“Basically,” says Norbert, “When we’re out with Ruffin” Wranglers we get to do pretty much whatever we want and it’s a gas riding around in their cool vans together seeing where our buddies live.”

“Between you and me, much as I like taking a walk around my neighborhood with one of my “Owners”, they’re slow as molasses. Any dog we run into has its owner on a leash so there’s no running around. And we always have to worry that our owner will walk in front of a car or a bus. What kind of exercise is that?”

Kim Nelson “Gus”

Ruffin’ Wranglers has been one of the best things we have done for our dog. Everyone who works there is incredibly kind and caring and we know that our puppy gets lots of exercise, socialization and endless love from the Wranglers. We couldn’t be happier and neither could Gus!

Aubrey & Conor Carpenter “Juniper”

We could not be happier with the services that Ruffin’ Wranglers has provided for our 3-year-old golden retriever, Juniper. As humans in the medical field and at the end of our training, we work crazy, weird hours and needed a service that would keep Juniper busy, happy, and able to tolerate us being gone for 9-10 hours/day. RW has delivered on the goal of keeping her happy and busy, but has exceeded our expectations in their adorable social media posts, daily “report cards” that tell us who she played with and whether she went to the bathroom during the 2-3 hour runs, and above all, our favorite service – the epic hose-off and towel-dry that keeps our furniture clean on rainy days! Words cannot describe how amazing it is to come home to a happy, tired dog who is clean and dry…our white couch is forever grateful! We love the wranglers so much that we have procrastinated moving to Boston for our jobs, even though I commute daily, because we know that there isn’t even a remotely comparable and affordable service in Boston that would keep Juniper as happy and busy as she is now. This may be a testament to what crazy dog parents we are, but anything for our doggos, right?? 🙂

Pamela & Bill Morgan “Dakota”

Dakota says,”I would tell you how much I love Ruffin’ Wranglers but they just brought me home and I’m too tired.”

Stephanie Catanese & Andrew Foderaro “Penny”

Ruffin’ Wranglers is a LIFE SAVER! With such a busy work schedule, my husband and I are so grateful the Ruffin’ Wranglers are there to entertain our pup! Over the years, we have gotten to know some of the wranglers who come to the house. It’s great to know our dog is in the hands of such trustworthy folks. It makes me feel so incredibly happy to know that little Penny is running, jumping, swimming, hunting, and having a grand ole time with her friends every time she goes on an excursion. I wish I could go with her!

Erin Dahill “Terra”

Our dog Terra is a fun loving Husky/German Shepherd mix with lots of energy.  She absolutely needs more than leash walks around the neighborhood. Ruffin’ Wranglers provides her with both physical activity and social interaction. Since the wranglers pick up and drop off, the process couldn’t be simpler.  Once she knows her ride is here, we no longer exist.  Terra makes frequent appearances in the Facebook photos and videos so we can see how much fun she is having.  She gets to romp and play and comes home exhausted.  It’s awesome!  We joke that many weeks she has a better social life than we do.  I recommend Ruffin’ Wranglers to anyone whose pup needs to get the “crazy” out with some human and canine friends.