Feb 07

Local Shelters and How You Can Help

Let’s face it our dogs and cats are extremely lucky! They have a family, a home, and if they’re part of the Ruffin’ Wrangler’s pack they have a pretty fun run during the day as well! Not all animals get that chance which is why local animal shelters are so important.

There are several ways to help the animals in these shelters, not all of them are financial either. We all want to give back and help those that can’t help themselves. You can definitely do a lot for a little, if you know how.

How many times have you gotten your dog a new bed or toy and they’re just not that into it? Before you toss them out or let them sit in a corner forever ask a shelter if you can donate to them instead. Many of them have wish lists of needed items that you can find on their websites. To gift a new bed to a shelter of your choice, check out Kuranda’s program.

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Shelters will usually let you volunteer to walk the dogs, which I’m sure the pups appreciate and you to get some exercise in, but if time isn’t something you have in spades you can always donate money. If you have space and the right home environment consider fostering an animal as well. Of course, easier options are always available, sharing social media posts about dogs or cats looking for a home is a great way to help and can be done in your PJs.

Below is a list of just a few shelters and rescues that are always open to help:

Animal Rescue Rhode Island or (401)783-7606

East Greenwich Animal Protection League or (401) 467-3570

Rhode Island SPCA (401) 438-8150

The Potter League (401) 846-8276

PARL (Providence Animal Rescue League) (401) 421.1399