May 24

Big Brains, Fluffy Ears

We all love our dogs no matter who they are or what they do, whether you admit that last part or not is up to you. But can you measure a dog’s brain like you would other animals?

Some studies have shown dogs can learn between 165-250 words and/or hand gestures. This puts them at about the same place as a two-year-old human child. And while every dog is different you can’t help but notice some pups seem to be able to pick a lock and Mission Impossible their way into your kitchen pantry and some… well, can’t.

Intelligence is by no means a marker of a good or bad dog, but engaging their brain can be fun to play around with. Food puzzle toys can help keep dogs busy while you’re out of the house, giving dogs challenging tasks can also help with dogs who trend toward anxiety as well. Many herding or “working” dogs do better with tasks during the day or while you’re gone. Many times a dog’s destructive behavior while your gone isn’t due to them looking to cause mischief, rather they’re just too smart for their own good and get bored being left home alone for most of the day. This is one of the major reasons we see people sending dogs on one of our excursions.

If you’re curious about how smart your dog might be there are a few things you can do and read.
How To Test A Dog’s Intelligence” – these are some fun games that you can do with your dog to get a better idea about how much they’re engaging their brain.
10 Smartest Dogs Breeds in the World” – Your Dog Advisor has a fun list and breakdown of different breeds and their typical intelligence level.

Regardless of if your dog can do long division or not, you shouldn’t judge a book by its furry cover. Intelligence isn’t just a score or understanding that they need to knock exactly twice before busting in on you while you’re in the bathroom. You should always look at the whole package, your dog is a unique part of your entire family group. And having a high IQ is no replacement for having an unconditional love quotient.

Thanks for reading,
Colin Carlton
Marketing Manager