May 10

CBDog: CBD oil and your dog.

* As a very quick disclaimer we, as a company, are neither encouraging or discouraging you from giving your dog CBD. We rarely prescribe any medicine or treatment and would suggest if you’re thinking about CBD oil as an option for your pet to consult your vet and make sure it’s a good fit. *

What is CBD oil? Many people assume it’s the same as marijuana, and that’s not entirely accurate. CBD is a compound derived from cannabis and/or hemp (but most CBD comes from hemp). THC is also a compound in cannabis, but here’s the difference: THC triggers the brain and body differently than CBD does. THC is what makes people high, but CBD primarily works only in a medicinal manner. They’re two similar, but different, chemicals and that’s important to understand.

What are the benefits?It’s important to note that most of what we know about this treatment for animals is somewhat anecdotal. That doesn’t mean the effects aren’t real, that just means there haven’t been enough sanctioned studies to back what most owners agree are real results in their own personal use. 
CBD can, and is often, used for anti-inflammatory treatments, cardiac, nausea, and appetite issues. It can also be used to potentially help neuropathic trauma (nerve damage). Epilepsy is another illness that many people report being helped by CBD oil, the AKC is currently sponsoring a study at Colorado State University looking into the effects of treating epilepsy in dogs with CBD. Probably the most common use of CBD is anxiety. Of course, the results for CBD will vary greatly depending on the dog and the amount used. This is why consulting with your vet is so important.

Side Effects. Since the powers that be have not sanctioned CBD as an actual “treatment”, we don’t know enough about potential side effects. However, most reported side effects are fairly benign. One thing that should be a red flag for you is if your dog has trouble with their blood pressure. CBD directly affects the pulmonary system and because of that, you should take that into consideration if you decide to use the oil on your dog. Most veterinarians will end up being familiar enough with CBD and your dog to know if this is a potentially dangerous idea or not. And on average, it’s not. As usual, you need to be an advocate for your pet; do your research and use your absolute best judgment.

Buying CBD Oil. There are numerous places online and most vape shops in Rhode Island sell the oil as well. Do keep in mind though that CBD is not like buying the generic version of Advil. Being sure to get the highest quality and the purest form of CBD is very important. Most oils you find will contain some THC, this is normal even though you can find some CBD-only oils. A low percentage of THC won’t harm your pet or “get them high” but it’s something you should be aware of and understand. 

To Wrap Up! Do your research, use it appropriately, and talk with a professional who understands your dog. Every pup is different, just like us, and getting the okay from your vet or trusted doggie healthcare provider can only ever help put your mind at ease.

Thanks for reading,
Colin Carlton, Marketing Manager