Sep 24


Family comes in all shapes and sizes, but that may not be how many companies see it. Recently some businesses have been taking an extra step to give their employees more freedom in how they manage their own work/life balance. Obviously spending time with your newborn child should absolutely be a benefit everyone enjoys, but what about taking time with your new puppy?

This is originally from an August 20, 2018, New York Times article. To read it, please CLICK HERE.

If you’re lucky enough to work from home even part-time taking care of your new pup might not be as much of a  struggle for you, but there are plenty of people who don’t have that luxury. The NYT piece references a couple of companies that are now offering “Paw-ternity” or “Fur-ternity” – feel free to either or both in the request form you will most likely be writing to your HR department after reading this. One is a marketing firm, another a data company based in New York. They both made arrangements for some of their staff to take a paid leave in order to be with their new additions.

The idea is one that we are obviously fans of. If you are constantly thinking about your puppy’s comfort or needs at home, your level of stress at work will rise. As we are all painfully aware when you’re stressed out about home your work can suffer. This seems to be part of a larger trend that is empowering employees to manage their own time with more autonomy. We give this idea………… two paws up!

So get out there and adopt when loving furballs that need a home!

+  Colin Carlton,
Ruffin’ Wranglers