Nov 28

Furry Important: Should You Shave Your Dog’s Fur

We always have the best intentions in mind for our pets and their fur, but sometimes we have to remember that dogs aren’t humans. Their bodies work a little different from ours. Over time myths have developed about what’s best to keep our dogs comfortable in different kinds of weather.

Obviously every pup’s situation is different, as is each breed. There are many resources online for best practices in accordance with your dog’s breed, the AKC is one of the best. The following information shouldn’t be taken out of context. If a dog’s coat has become matted or otherwise detrimental to the pup’s quality of life contact a groomer to have the matter resolved.

In one article the AKC says shaving a dog’s coat does not necessarily help them cool down in the summer. Since dog’s don’t sweat like humans, having a fur coat isn’t the same as wearing a jacket in June. Dog’s with a double coat, like Golden Retrievers and Huskies, use the fur to regulate themselves year round, not just in the winter. During the summer months a well maintained coat actually helps keep them cool when the temperature rises and protects a dog from the sun or potential skin cancer. Additionally, short haired dogs and cats should only be shaved if medical reasons call for it.

There’s a lot of debate around this subject and if your dog having shorter fur improves his/her lifestyle that should be taken into consideration. If you search online you will find no shortage of contradicting viewpoints. Use sites and other resources that you trust and look for information that’s breed specific to your dog for best results.

More than anything, your first and easiest option when it comes to what’s best for your dog’s coat is maintenance. Baths and regular brushing go a long way to keep your pup healthy year round regardless of whether you shave them or not.

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