Apr 16

Household Cleaner and Your Pet

If you’re like me, you tend to go out of your way to make sure your dog’s health is as good as it can be. This means quality food, safe toys, an appropriate amount of exercise, and an abundance of snuggles. However, with all that we do, there’s one thing that’s easy to overlook. Household cleaner.

We can take for granted the fact that our dogs come into contact with surfaces we never do. They lick their paws which touch the floor, they might clean your kid’s Cheerio’s off the sofa cushions, their food bowl gets cleaned, and they might even take a sip out of your – err uhh – porcelain throne. So your pets aren’t very far removed from the cleaners you use every day. That’s why it’s important that those are as safe to use for them as they are for you. But how do you know the right ones to use?

Well, there are a handful of options out there for you to consider. Food and water bowls. If you wash your dog’s bowl by hand try and use a mild detergent or vinegar and warm water. Soaps that advertise being “soft on your hands” are typically milder than others. Many of you might toss your pup’s bowls in the dishwasher. If you do make sure to give it an extra rinse after just to make sure there’s no detergent residue. Also avoid scratching or scraping a stainless steel bowl, use a paper towel or soft sponge.

There are a few options for cleaning your house, furniture, bedding, dog coats, and dog bedding. An easy option for the cleaner is to grab detergents for sensitive skin, but while you’re looking check out this link to Cedarcide and see if their products are right for your pet:

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Colin Carlton,
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