Aug 03

How to prevent your dog from having heat stroke

With many things having to do with dogs, heat stroke should be looked at on a case by case basis, but never brushed off. If your dog is showing signs contact your vet immediately.

Heat stroke is a very serious problem with dogs who have trouble self-regulating their play. This can happen if they’re chasing the ball too much, jogging with you, or spend a large amount of time outdoors. Here are some things to do if you think your dog is suffering from exhaustion due to excessive heat.

These tips were taken from Pet MD, CLICK HERE for the full article.

  • Immediately bring your dog in somewhere cool
  • Get cool, not cold, water on them as quick as possible
  • However, keep their head tilted up, you want to avoid water flooding their head and getting into their lungs
  • Ice packs go a long way to cool down your pet, especially on the neck and back of the head
  • If the dog is responsive enough to drink water, let them drink as much as needed
    • adding a little salt is a great way to replenish minerals, it’s a little like how sports drink help us
  • Massage the dog’s legs and body, this will increase their blood circulation

Experts go back and forth on the benefits of shaving your dog’s fur in the summer. To be honest this is going to depend greatly on your dog and the environment you have them in. In general, you should avoid shaving a shorthaired dog because, like us, they can get sunburnt.

If you have a husky, but he lives inside a walk-in freeze you installed in your garage, well… that’s probably fine. If you have a Newfoundland who lives exclusively in the sun… well let’s think about not doing that, but also maybe shave them. Speak to your vet and your groomer about what the best option for your dog is and make sure they understand what the dog’s daily routine is.

ONE THING IS FOR SURE! Never, ever – ever leave any pet in a hot car or apartment with the windows closed. Give them A/C, a fan, or plenty of air circulation. We transport dogs all day/every day and we know how to keep them cool and mobile! Always make sure they have plenty of air flow. And here’s a cool rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t be comfortable in it your dog will be miserable in it. So please take care of your pups!


+ Colin Carlton,
Ruffin’ Wranglers