Dec 28

A New Possibility for Helping Dogs with Fireworks

With New Year’s Eve upon us, you may be worried about how the celebration will affect your dog. Well, Ford Motors Co. might have found a way to reduce your dog’s anxiety during fireworks. The car company has put together a prototype dog house that has noise-canceling technology built into it.

Using designs that went into reducing road noise in their 2018 Edge/Endura SUV vehicles the company decided to see what else they could do with the technology. While it doesn’t seem like the car manufacturer is interested in going into the pet supply business they are willing to work with other companies that might.

The quiet kennel detects noises, like the loud boom of fireworks, that come near it and transmit opposing frequencies. Additionally, it is constructed with soundproofing materials and an automatic door helping Fido relax during what could be a stressful night. The downside is you most likely won’t see this any time soon, Ford only made the prototype to test the technology’s capabilities… Also, I’m assuming it won’t be very cheap when and if it does get into production.

This is hardly the first time technology has been repurposed for something we use in our daily lives, in fact, this is usually how the tech we love finds its way to us. Supercomputers, smartphones, and countless other things we might take for granted come to us in similar ways. Those little grooves on the side of highways that wake you up if you veer off the road a little? Those came to us courtesy of NASA, they were originally designed to slow the shuttle down when landing. So just because these quiet kennels aren’t on the market yet doesn’t mean you won’t see them. Until then we just need to do everything we can to help our furry friends when the booms start ringing in the new year.


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+ Colin Carlton,
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