Jul 31

We’re One of Hire Haven’s Top 30 Pet Services in New England!

Recently Ruffin’ Wranglers was just named one of Hire Haven’s top 30 pet services in all of New England. So what sets us apart from some of the other pet services around? A dedicated team and loyal customer base.
Many of our clients have talked about our consitency and dependability. We’re able to do this because our wranglers strive to do the best they can caring for your pups. Your dogs are our primary focus every day. With more than 200+ doggie clients, we do an average of 500 runs Monday through Saturday, servicing Providence, Barrington, Riverside, Rumford, East Providence, and parts of Pawtucket, Edgewood and Pawtuxet Village. This is all possible because you support us, and we support our wranglers with the tools to safely and securely give your dogs exercise, love, and socialization.
As clients your kind reviews have given us an all 5 star rating on Google. Your positive word of mouth has helped your neighbors find us and allowed our doggie family to grow. So we are able to be one of the top pet services in New England because we have the best staff in the business and because we have the top clients in New England, you!
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+ Colin Carlton
Manager, Ruffin’ Wranglers