Dec 13

The Perfect Dog Coat Fit

A coat is the easier way to help a dog with shorter hair stay warm in the winter months. But finding the perfect fit can be difficult. Because most manufacturers are in the business of mass production the sizes you typically find for pet coats and sweaters are uniformed. Our four-legged friends however, they’re anything but standardized. Here are some tips and links to help you find the perfect coat.

Making a choice in warm wear should be based more on measurements instead of weight. If you would like to check out a step by step tutorial for measuring your dog click here for a WikiHow that takes you through the entire process. uses this chart for their coats which might help you if you can’t make it into the store to try them on. Ruffwear also gives you a very comprehensive chart for most of their apparel. On a more local note, Corky’s Reflective Wear also has a helpful chart available on their site. Kurgo gives you a helpful chart for their jackets as well as a video, which is featured below.


Keep in mind one of the most important things about a coat is the fit around the chest. If it doesn’t securely fit there they could become tangled in the arms or straps. Having some of their body’s rear exposed is better than a coat that’s loose overall. There are obviously many brands and options around, but regardless of which one you buy just know that any coat is better than nothing. Don’t risk your dog being hurt by the elements.

It’s important to note that we’re not endorsing one brand over the other here, nor is this a sponsored post by any brand. Each dog is unique in their needs and taste and should be looked at that way. The choice is yours when outfitting your pup, but if you have a short-haired dog or one that doesn’t do well in the cold please make sure they have something.

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