Jan 15

An E-collar Alternative for Your Dog

You typically see an E-collar, also called a cone, when your dog is hurt or healing from surgery. And as humans we feel helpless! After all, our dogs can’t talk to us to tell us what hurts! Vets do everything they can and as owners we try our best to make the recovery as painless as possible. That being said it’s difficult to help them. A dog’s natural instinct goes back to wolves in the wild, where there’s no stitches or antiseptic. They have to fix themselves by biting out a stuck thorn or licking an open wound.

Healing thy self” is the opposite of what we want after professional treatment, so as concerned owners we have few options. An Ecollar, or Elizabethan collar, is the most common tool you see to protect your pet from themselves, but to say those ‘limit’ your dog’s movements is a huge understatement. At Ruffin’ Wranglers we know how important mobility is to your pet, so we found an alternative for your dog in recovery.

The Surgi Snuggly E-Collar Alternative. This is a wearable coat-like garment for your dog which takes away the need for an E-collar and gives your dog back their range of movement. From the listing: Surgi Snuggly, The Comfortable E Collar Alternative – Created for comfort and fit. Our unique fabric blend gives breathable 4 way stretch, offering the best fit in the industry. Developed to work specifically with the shape and form of a canine body!

Surgi Snuggly Assists with Post Surgical Anxiety – Gives your dog the extra comfort and compression they need for a stress free recovery. Offers added compression for those dogs dealing with stress before and long after surgery.

Surgi Snuggly Keeps Your Dog Healthy – Deters your dog from licking and biting at their stitches. Unique design allows for a full or half body coverage. Patent pending back pocket allows for pet elimination while keeping the rear of suit clean and away from surgical sites. Protects wound site from contamination.

Surgi Snuggly Goes On Easily – Put it on once and leave it on. Surgi Snuggly allows your pet the complete freedom they need to recover in comfort. There are no snaps, no belly closures, just easy on – off. Washer and dryer safe.

Surgi Snuggly Was Created By A Veterinarian – Is Veterinary Approved. You can find the Surgi Snuggly in use at Veterinary Hospitals and Veterinary Universities through the United States and Canada

For more information and to see if this is the right fit for your dog please follow this link:

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